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What do our customers say about SLO Seasoning?

Great seasoning! My friends and family are raving about my tri-tip. SLO seasoning makes a BBQ chef out of anyone. This is the best all-around seasoning ever.
Dawn Genenbacher
Kingwood, TX

I have been using this rub for years. At first for tri tip, then rib-eye, filets and t-bones. I now even use it on eggs and potatoes. Forget finding the perfect blend, this is everything you need in one bottle!
Scott Killian
San Luis Obispo, CA

When we first heard the reviews about SLO Seasoning, we just had to try it. Our grilled foods now taste like Bobby Flay came to our kitchen and invited us to dinner! When we entertain family and friends they always ask where we found such a great seasoning.
Barry and Sylvia Cohen
Thousand Oaks, CA

I’ve been grilling, barbecuing and smoking for a few years now and have tried all kinds of combinations of dry rubs. SLO seasoning rub has become my new favorite for roasts and tri-tips. The spices and flavors are perfectly balanced bringing out the best of the rub and, more importantly, the meat.
John G.
Reseda, CA


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