SLO Seasoning

Two Great Flavors

Our seasoning is handcrafted and we use only the best ingredients available. We take pride in making sure that every container delivers that same great taste that made us who we are today. With this commitment we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


First developed for tri-tip, our original recipe was morphed into the ideal 'season all' for everything. Rather it be a nice cut of meat, or eggs and potatoes for breakfast, this is the the only seasoning you'll need!


Our 'HOT' version takes our original recipe and kicks it up a notch. With the addition of cayenne, this blend is perfect for adding a little heat to your favorite dishes. This iteration is available in both 5.5oz and 16oz sizes.

BBQ Tri-Tip

This recipe is simple and straight-forward; the end result is an excellent example of central-coast style BBQ tri-tip.

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The Perfect Steak

This recipe is suitable for all steak cuts including; T-bone and Porterhouse, to Rib Eye and New York; and everything in between!

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Chicken & Vegetable Skewers

What better way to BBQ than by cooking your favorite meat and vegetables on a stick?

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Sautéed Mushrooms

On a hamburger with Swiss or atop a wonderful slice of rib eye, mushrooms make an ideal match with any cut of meat.

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Our founder Lance C. Lambert started cooking at age 6. One thing he paid special attention to was how his dad seasoned steaks for the BBQ. Years later while attending college in San Luis Obispo, better known to locals as “SLO”, he was introduced to a special cut of meat; tri-tip. Like most, Lance used the typical “Santa Maria-style” seasonings but none offered the flavor or kick he desired.

Over the next ten years Lance worked on a seasoning blend of his own; a blend excellent for tri-tip and other red meat cuts. In 2005, after several versions, he perfected a seasoning worth sharing. This final version was first bottled and passed out to clients and friends. Everyone raved about the seasoning and encouraged Lance to share with the masses. He also received feedback about the different foods on which the seasoning was being used (see recipe page). These encouraging responses motivated Lance to offer his creation for all to enjoy! To this day our seasoning is still produced in small batches, to make sure the same quality and consistency goes into every bottle.